From our friends at the Peace Coalition:

Dear Peace Coalition,

As we reel since the murder of George Floyd, reject the violence of the police/military, cheer on the massive response by young people and others who represent a challenge to discrimination and injustice and the opportunity to hear the voices of those who have lived, thought and written deeply about these subjects.

Below I have pasted a message from the School of the Americas Watch with resources and a link to an article about the usefulness of “police reform.”

This week there are 2 more opportunities to make a local public response:



We will be having a PEACEFUL protest at Carbondale Civic Center at 2pm on June 5th to bring awareness to police Brutality and Black Lives Matter Movement. Renowned TEDX speaker Travis Washington will give a speech about his legislative bill “Hands Up Act” which will make it a crime for an officer to shoot an unarmed suspect. We will supplying/giving out masks to those attending, posters, signs, etc. WE WILL BE FOLLOWING SOCIAL DISTANCING AND CDC GUIDELINES. Help us bring Justice for George Floyd!






The Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois Monthly Vigil for Peace and Justice will be held Saturday, June 6, 2020, Noon to 1 P.M. at the corner of Illinois Ave. and Main Street in Carbondale, following CDC guidelines for physical distancing and wearing masks.

The twin viruses of systemic racism and coronavirus illuminate the inequalities and injustices present in the U.S.  The Poor People’s Campaign:  A National Call for Moral Revival shares this reflection following the repeated murder of black men and women: …” the lethal violence of racist officers is only one manifestation of the systemic racism that is choking the life out of American democracy.

The people’s demand for love, truth, justice and fundamental human rights is a cry that will not be comforted until change fully comes. This demand is rooted in the mental, social and political trauma caused by seeing violent deaths year after year at the hands of far too many police departments and judicial systems with no one held accountable”.

Militarized policing…city police departments with military weapons, equipment and tactics left over from the Pentagon’s wars, escalates the criminalization of and violence against poor communities.  The tax dollars spent on a militarized and unequal society compounds and prolongs our collective nightmare and robs resources from programs that could transform housing, education, health and jobs for all.  The Poor People’s Campaign seeks to right this imbalance.

Appropriate signs will be provided but all are welcome to bring their own.  The Peace Coalition monthly meeting will follow.  Bring a chair, a drink and we’ll meet in the shade.


****The SOA Watch movement stands with our Black brothers and sisters demanding accountability and the defunding of the police, which originated as slave patrols to protect white property. We echo the calls for these funds to be redirected to support transformative justice initiatives addressing the root causes of harm, health care, schools, and other community-led initiatives that actually uphold the well-being of our communities. Firing the officers is not enough, police ‘reform’ programs are not enough — we must work to dismantle the systemic racism on which the United States is built and the culture of white supremacy and anti-Blackness on which state violence relies transnationally. SOA Watch denounces Trump’s dangerous threats to enact the Insurrection Act from 1807 to deploy active-duty US troops against protesters engaged in the critical resistance to defend Black lives throughout the US. We condemn the collaboration between police, National Guard, ICE, Border Patrol, and any other state “security” forces facilitating the repression, surveillance, and policing of the Black community and protestors.

As a movement that understands and strategically utilizes the power of direct action and civil disobedience, we invite you to support the protests by taking action and donating, if you have the means, to one or more of the bail funds that are supporting the protests. If you are looking for more information, you can start at this page shared by Black Lives Matterthis page shared by Black Visions and Reclaim the Block, and The Movement for Black Lives‘ page.

For white people, it is essential to educate yourselves and to take action that centers the grief, righteous rage, and leadership of our Black brothers and sisters – being silent is being complicit. If you are looking for additional information, please check out this online tool kit filled with anti-racism resources for white people.