From our friends at Southern Illinois Immigrant Rights Project:

Dear Friends,

We write hoping you and your loved ones are well and safe.  We know that COVID and the resulting economic consequences have made this a challenging time for many in our community.

SIIRP members have researched and created a guide to Resources for the Southern Illinois Immigrant Community COVID-19 Response Guide  English |  Spanish Please share widely with your networks and let us know if you are aware of additional, verified resources.  Resources include health and other material needs such as food, rent, and other needs as well as information about immigration legal help.  Unfortunately for some immigrant community members, even in these difficult times, legal concerns are still present.  The Supreme Court is still expected to rule on DACA by the end of June.  Immigration legal help and assistance are also still available.

Please see sections below for 1) Donation and 2) Volunteer Needs: 

1) Announcing COVID Relief Fund for Southern Illinois Immigrant Families

For any immigrants in So. IL affected by COVID–particularly those who cannot receive unemployment or stimulus checks.
***DONATE*** at or by mailing a check made out to St. Joseph’s Hispanic Ministry COVID Relief, 101 North Centennial Street, Cobden, Illinois 62920. (For tax-exempt donation please mail a check.)

If you or someone you know needs help from the fund: contact Fr. Uriel Salamanca from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Cobden at 618-713-8257.


The purpose of this fund is to assist immigrant families and workers in Southern Illinois who are impacted by COVID, but who are unable to receive unemployment assistance or stimulus checks. Many immigrants fill roles as essential workers and are particularly at risk of exposure to COVID-19. Others are out of work due to shut-downs. These families are struggling to buy food, pay rent, or cover other essential expenses. Please donate to our immigrant neighbors who have been hit especially hard by the virus and the resulting economic fallout. Funds will be used to help meet immediate needs for families and workers who are laid off or sick from Coronavirus.  There is a particular need after many workers were exposed at factories in the area which then laid-off workers during temporary closures.

An example of the impact your donation can have:
$ 20 –household goods, toiletries, and OTC medications

$ 50 –cell phone/data (essential for communication and to support children’s remote learning)
$ 100 –one to two weeks of groceries
$ 250 –monthly rent
$ 400 –cover one week’s lost wages

The fund is organized by a coalition of the local Catholic churches and other community organizations and is open to all immigrant families and workers in Southern Illinois who need assistance due to COVID. Priority is given to those who are not eligible for unemployment or stimulus support. The amount of assistance available is contingent on donations.

Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated and make a difference.

Thank you in advance for your generosity in this difficult time and for helping as you are able to support our friends and community members who are immigrants.

2) Volunteer/Donation Needs to Help Families affected by COVID/Unemployment or to help detained immigrants released from Pulaski County Detention

  • Shoppers and volunteers to assemble food boxes for families
  • Cloth masks for families who have been exposed (let us know if you wish to donate supplies or help with mask-making) (Click here for a video tutorial –this is one example but any pattern can be used)
  • People willing to make no-contact deliveries of food boxes or supplies to families who are quarantining
  • Supplies to provide resources to people who are released from the Pulaski County Detention Center:  small backpack or duffel bag, toiletry items, non-perishable snack items or other food items that can be cooked in a microwave without kitchen equipment, tracphones, comfortable clothing in good repair…reply to this email if you have donations
Thank you for the continued incredible generosity and support from the community!
Be safe and well!
Becca w/ SIIRP