Carbondale’s Annual Spring Cleanup and Recycling Day is usually just one day, but this year will extend for a month. The 30-Day KCB Challenge will run for the month of April. Street assignments and communication will be done remotely, by phone, email, Facebook, and through the website.  Volunteers can clean a site of their choice, or contact KCB for suggestions, then report back when it’s done.  A tally will be kept of hours worked and bags collected. Photos on Facebook or Instagram will connect the community volunteers.  New Executive Director Anne Krippenstapel said, “Basically, if a person is able to go for a walk, then we encourage them to take a bag or two and fill it with litter and dispose of it at home.  Throughout the month, just watch the weather and choose your own time.”

As usual, KCB is looking for suggestions of locations that are blighted by litter.  Call, text or email KCB with those “hot spots” which will receive priority when assigning groups to cleanup locations. There is a push to beat the mowers, who will shred the litter and multiply the task.

Critical to success is financial support from KCB’s major sponsors:  Burris Disposal Service, CIMCO, and Southern Recycling Center.  In-kind support comes from Silkworm, SIUC, the City of Carbondale, and the Carbondale Park District.

Go to or for more information, or contact Anne at 618-525-5525 or