Date: April 17, 2020
Contact: Amy McMorrow Hunter,, 618 713 2896

Local Groups Bringing Earth Day Home

Online Presentations, Activities and Meetings for Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Carbondale, Illinois – Next week’s celebration for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day will be held online on Tuesday, April 21, and Wednesday, April 22. Presentations include SIU professor Dr. Roberto Barrios, who will discuss immigration and climate change on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, a fun presentation of the history of Earth Day, the launch of the Virtual Puppet Parade, a Virtual Rally with a number of speakers from community organizations (registration required, see below), and a fireside chat.

Love4.Earth community organizations have been working for several months to bring a great celebration for Earth Day 2020 to Carbondale. Adjustments have been made from the usual agenda and format to make sure everyone stays well and healthy, always the first priority for all of Earth’s species. A group of community organizations has established the Love4.Earth website (  and Facebook page. The goal is to keep everyone up to date on 2020’s Earth Day activities and gatherings happening in our communities year-round to appreciate and preserve the planet and all its inhabitants. See below for more of the Earth Day celebration details, or visit the website or Facebook page. For assistance with using event tools like Zoom or YouTube, or finding a computer to connect to the events, please use the contact information contained herein.

Cade Bursell, All Species Puppet Parade and the Beloved Puppetistas:

The All Species Puppet Parade was founded in 2013 by a loose itinerant collective of artists, educators, and creatives in partnership with the Carbondale Park District and Carbondale Community Arts. The beloved puppetistas welcome new puppetistas into the fold every year through participation in workshops and the annual parade.

Through the merging of art with ecology, we hope to cultivate love and care for all species. This year we are organizing a virtual parade. We need you to submit! For more information go to

Jane Cogie, Shawnee Group Sierra Club:

The Shawnee Group Sierra Club has gladly collaborated with other community groups to celebrate Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary—and now, with Covid-19, to share that celebration virtually. Please join us. Community collaborations to protect our Earth and tackle climate change and injustices to the most vulnerable are even more important as Covid 19 surrounds us.

Sarah Heyer, Keep Carbondale Beautiful:

Keep Carbondale Beautiful looks forward to the Earth Day activities, encouraging everyone to take advantage of the opportunities and reminding them that the KCB Challenge continues beyond Earth Day, till the end of the month.  Log your participation via email, website, facebook, or phone.

Eugene Basanta, Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship:

Among the Principles of Unitarian Universalism is respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. In keeping with this Principle and mindful of the importance of partnership and collective action, we join with others to support our local celebration of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary.

Jesse Jobe, Southern Illinois Immigrant Rights Project:

We are happy to come together with other community groups and individuals to observe Earth Day because we know that climate change (and its associated impacts) is a major driver of immigration and will continue to be.

Schedule of Events

Tuesday, April 21, 2020, Earth Day Eve

  • 7:00 pm
    • “A Crisis for Whom? Experiences of Human Caused Climate Change in North America and the Caribbean.”
    • Since 2013, Roberto E. Barrios, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the SIU Department of Anthropology, has conducted ethnographic research on the lived experience of climate change and the policies and projects meant to mitigate it. This presentation reviews case studies from Central Mexico, the U.S. Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean to call attention to the particularities of the way the climate crisis is manifesting in the Americas.
    • To be presented live, followed by Q&A; will be recorded and provided online. Check Love4.Earth website or Facebook page for link.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020, Earth Day

  • 11:00 am
    • History of Earth Day Presented by the Short Face Bear
    • Steve Gariepy, Touch of Nature Environmental Educator, lifelong Carbondale resident
    • Recorded and available online. Check Love4.Earth website or Facebook page for link.
  • 12:00 pm
    • Virtual All Species Puppet Parade and March for Climate Change Solutions
    • Send your images and links to videos to
    • For more information about submission deadline, tutorials and ideas go to the All Species Puppet Parade website.
  • 1:00 – 4:00 pm
      • Virtual Earth Day RallyRegistration required – Speakers include:
        • Solarize Southern Illinois: Solarize Southern Illinois is excited to announce the 2020 SolarizeSI Group Buy Program. The program was formed by two local community groups to realize one goal: to build solar all over southern Illinois. SolarizeSI allows home and small business owners to learn about going solar from their neighbors and local experts. Those going solar will pay well below retail by capturing the economies of scale provided by purchasing as a collective unit. Each new solarized house and business will be guided through the entire process by Straight Up Solar, one of the region’s most premier solar installers. Please join us in celebration and launch of this wonderful opportunity.
        • Food Autonomy
        • Carbondale Corona Response
        • The CLimate Economy Action Network (CLEAN): CLEAN is a new online community for generating people-centered climate ventures. It’s supported by the local nonprofit The Climate Economy Education Inc. In the online community, people can learn about their areas of interest, share ideas, participate on teams, recruit partners or mentors, develop new projects or businesses, and find investors. Everyone can register and participate for free to learn more. At the Virtual Rally, we’ll go over how to use the platform, and we’ll talk about business models and lifestyles that are good for the climate, the economy and humanity.
      • Registration required – please be sure to register so you can listen to the local projects happening right now, ask speakers questions, and participate in an online meeting according to your area of interest once the rally is done. This activity is meant to get things moving!
  • 6:00 pm

At the conclusion of these events, community members are encouraged to stay tuned on the Love4.Earth website or Facebook page for ways to continue to participate in activities to appreciate and preserve Earth and all its species year-round.