Ecology and Identification of Common Spring Wildflowers – Webinar

April 2, 10-11am

Wildflower Webinar Flyer (PDF)

Illinois forests erupt with colorful wildflowers each spring.  Join Extension Forester Chris Evans in this 1-hour webinar to look at the ecology and identification of common Illinois spring wildflowers.  We will discuss why these plants flower early, what type of habitat can the best wildflower displays be found in, and look at a number of the common wildflowers found in Illinois forests.

Christopher Evans

Forestry Extension and Research Specialist

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences

University of Illinois Extension Forestry

354 State Highway 145N

Simpson, IL 62985-9614

O: (618) 695-3383

C: (618) 364-7261